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"To build for the future, a park that will serve our community, bringing together all people."

The Lake LA Park Board met with Jon Gargen of Los Angeles Parks and Recreation and discussed the feasibility study for the Skate Park.

The feasibility study for the location between the gymnasium and the basketball court - came back as OK - no problems noted.


Preliminary Project Steps

Develop a Skate Park with the following elements:

Design a concrete in-ground skate park (+/- 10,000 square feet) with a maximum depth of ten (10) foot

Ten (10) foot high chain link fencing around the skate park

Double service gates

Spectator areas with ADA access and five (5) row bleachers with shade

Concrete paving along the inside perimeter of the fencing

ADA path of travel

Signage of park rules, hours of operation, and County regulations

Security lighting

Drinking fountains

Mary Hanna's handouts for the board's consideration.

The next step will be explore funding and then  3 community meetings.

So you voice is heard, please take this short survey about the newest addition to the park.

Links to skate park information on the web:



2014 Lake LA Park Association Board of Directors:  Name (reelection date) phone (661)-

Mary Hanna (2014) 264-0509 - president

Robert Harris (2015)-264-4187- vice president

Nona Dillon (2014) - 264-3458-secretary, co-chairperson - Friends of the Park

Pat McGuire (2015) 264-3357- treasurer

Yvonne Malikowski (2014) 264-0542   historian

Ann Carroll (2015) 264-2409 - co-chairperson - Friends of the Park

Alternates  (2014): Samantha Cook 341-2827, Anastasia Barkauskas 


Lake Los Angeles Park Association

P.O. Box 500088

Lake Los Angeles, CA 93591



 Stephen Sorensen County Park

16801 East Avenue P

Lake Los Angeles, California 93591

 phone number  661-264-1249

Supervisor: Regina Bradley




Updated: 01/21/13



Lake Los Angeles Park

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