Corporate Sponsorship for Carnival

LLAPA is Accepting Corporate Sponsors

Spring Break Carnival

DATES: March 15, 16, 17

Corporate Sponsorship Rates:

  • $100 for one day and/or night of banner displayed
  • $200 fpr all 3 days and/or nights of banner displayed
  • included is the option for the Corporate Sponsor to also have a vendor booth at NO charge during the Carnival

Any Questions - please contact us at

or leave us a message at 661-249-0490.


Thank you for supporting Lake Los Angeles Park Association (LLAPA)

Mission Statement:

To represent the community of Lake Los Angeles in its park and recreational needs

and to support

The Los Angeles County Deputy Stephen Sorensen Park

Our Motto:

To build for the future,

parks that will serve our community,

bringing together all people.

All Corporate Sponsors are requested to make a non refundable donation to the Lake Los Angeles Park Association. Donations via the Lake Los Angeles Park Association FaceBook Page. Donation link. No checks accepted. Cash may be donated in advance by contacting LLAPA.

Corporate Sponsors must follow all Los Angeles County Parks and Recreation Requirements, for example LLAPA cannot allow marijuana, vape, alcohol or tobacco sponsors, this is not a complete list of prohibited products and services. LLAPA reserves the right to reject sponsors that do not comply with LA County Requirements.

Please send us a photo of your Banner to for approval by LLAPA.

Corporate Sponsors are requested to bring their banners or have their banners delivered to the Friends of the Park Snack Bar at the Carnival. You will receive a sticker to place on your banner and then we will direct you to the area where you can hang your banner at the Carnival. We recommend that you use bungee cords to hang your banner on the fence. Please let us know if you need assistance. The LLAPA takes no responsibility for lost, stolen or damaged banners, banners are placed at the Carnival at your own risk.

Information on Vendor Booths for Corporate Sponsors who choose to also have a Vendor Booth at the Carnival in addition to their Banner displayed can be found on the Vendor Application for Carnival page.