Spring  Carnival March 24, 25, 26 2023


Thank you, Lake Los Angeles! We enjoyed seeing the best partnership of the Community and LA County! 

Thanks to Deputy Gil and the LA County Parks Deputies and Detective for looking after our families. Thanks to the Lake Los Angeles Park Association Board for doing all the running around, planning, and showing up. Thank you to Ericka and Shirley for creating flyers and sharing them through social media, and all the Association members and Friends present and past who make this a safe, clean, and happy place to meet everyone for fun.

Thanks to the most amazing staff led by the most amazing Regina Bradley - they make everything move in the positive direction and listen to everyone while bringing in great programs. Thanks to the LA County management for listening and listening and helping all the time!!!  Thank you!!! for the great support of Supervisor Kathryn Barger. 

We were honored to be part of Olivia Miseroy and the Sanctuary Team, LA County Park & Recreation -AquaticsMr. John Kell, and the Valkyries STEM  display - we will want to continue to follow the great advances they make.  Rene's Marionettes will be back on April 1 for the Healthy Parks gathering.  You do not want to miss Healthy Parks next weekend!

To Dr. Bobby Rodriguez, we are in awe of the spirit of the group Jazz it Up! They deserve a special award for Friday evening!!!  We thank the vendors who braved the cold and wind: Simply all tied up blankets, Brian Brandon Concessions, Sugar rush, La jefa food truck, Karlos Ice Cream, and Shucos al Carbon!

Thank you to Schoeppner Shows! We learn more about art and craftsmanship each year. To Phil, Chad, Courtney, and Darlene a huge hug, and thank you for letting us be part of your lives!

Thank you for supporting the Lake Los Angeles Parks and Conservation!

We will remember this as the coldest Carnival!

We welcome all who love the carnival to be part of the planning for next year. Look for the light show- Spring break is March 25- April 1, 2024.

You can pay vendor or presale ticket costs on our square shop site. LLAPA shop LINK (processing fee: 2.5% & 0.10 per transaction). 

** You can use the Donate button on https://www.facebook.com/LakeLosAngelesPark to avoid the transaction fee.**

 When purchasing presale tickets, you must pick the tickets up by showing your receipt.

Inez will be in the Gymnasium Lobby March 18, 20, and 21 from 12-2 PM to purchase presale tickets or get tickets that are already purchased in the online shop

Please consider choosing the costs that include the processing fee. We are a nonprofit; the money earned is ALL donated to the activities and events that support Stephen Sorensen and Tameobit LA County Parks. We are volunteers. We are not paid for any of the work we do to support our community.