Upcoming Meeting Agendas

Planning Meeting

Saturday , April 4th

10am - Community Room at the Park

LLAPA Business Meeting Agenda

04-4-2020 LLAPA Business Meeting Agenda

General Meeting

Tuesday March 10th

6pm - Community Room at the Park

LLAPA General Meeting Agenda

03-10- 20 LLAPA General Meeting Agenda

Please note: Every attempt is made to make the agendas as accurate as possible, however situations may arise that necessitate a change in the Agenda.

2020 LLAPA General Meeting Speakers and Presentations Schedule
LLAPA Meeting Rules
2020 Schedule of Meetings

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A business meeting to discuss agendas, planning, and any necessary discussions is held the Saturday that occurs 2 weeks before the regular meeting at 10:00 AM.Business meetings are held in the Community Room of the Lake Los Angeles Community Gymnasium in Sorensen Community Regional Park.

In July and December the Tuesday evening monthly meeting is shortened for a a pot luck gathering of the board, local leaders, partners, and volunteers. We renew our belief that the community is the reason we work to build recreational centers.

The November meeting is the election for board members. In the December meeting the board positions are chosen. The January meeting is the swearing in and seating of the new board.

2020 Schedule of Meetings