Mission and Goals

What is LLAPA aiming to accomplish?

The LLAPA serves as the voice of the Community by opening communications with the Los Angeles County Department of Parks and Recreation who oversees the operations of the Sorensen Community Regional Park.

The LLAPA helps to direct the use of the special assessment within Lake Los Angeles and the LLAPA advocates for recreational opportunities within the community of Lake Los Angeles The LLAPA also supports various activities and programs held at the Sorensen Community Regional Park by the LA County Department of Parks and Recreation.

What are the LLAPA's key strategies for making this happen?

The LLAPA as the Community Voice for the park and recreational needs in Lake Los Angeles, has an ongoing positive relationship with the Los Angeles County Department of Parks and Recreation. The LLPA has monthly meetings which are open to the public to attend and these meetings are regularly attended by representatives from not only LA County Department of Parks and Recreation, but also by representatives from the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors. At these meetings, plans for future park needs as well as improvements and upcoming programs are discussed.

The LLAPA also meets on an ongoing basis with the LA County Department of Parks and Recreation and Department of Public Works who oversee both the collection and expenditure of the special park tax assessment district in Lake Los Angeles. This special district was created by the Lighting and Landscape Act and as such the LLAPA is the voice of the community in helping shape the future of the Park in LLA.

What are the LLAPA's capabilities for doing this?

The LLAPA has a long standing positive relationship with the community. The LLAPA has monthly open meetings and maintains both a website and a FaceBook page. The LLAPA holds annual elections for the Board of Directors , and any person who owns a parcel in the assessment district is welcome to run for office. All members of the larger local community are welcome to attend the monthly meetings of the LLAPA. As the Board of Directors are all local residents of Lake Los Angeles, they are able to communicate directly with other residents as well as members of the larger community regarding park and recreational needs.

How will LLAPA know if they are making progress?

The LLAPA actively monitors performance metrics on both its website and Facebook Pages. The LLAPA receives feedback from LA County Department of Parks and Recreation as to the attendance numbers for various events and programs at the park.

What has the LLAPA accomplished so far?

The LLAPA takes pride in providing a snack bar for various park events and activities at the park, with reasonable prices for food so that the families of Lake Los Angeles can afford to participate in recreational activities.

The LLAPA is working with Los Angeles County Department of Parks and Recreation to bring a SkatePark, Native American Interpretive Center and other facilities to the current park as well as advocating for an aquatic facility and equestrian facility to be build in Lake Los Angeles.

2018Summary of Programs and Activities