Friends of the Park (FoP)

Friends of the Park (FoP) is a committee of the LLAPA and are a group of volunteers. supervised by the LLAPA .

Friends of the Park as the fundraising committee for the LLAPA is independent of the County of Los Angeles and as such is recognized as a 501(c)(3) Charitable Organization.

FoP Specific Portion of LLAPA ByLaws

One of the driving factors in this support is that the LLAPA represents the community of Lake Los Angeles, a community that is economically disadvantaged and the Friends of the Park provides snacks and drinks at park events at a low price and then reinvests those funds back into Park Events and activities for the benefit of the community.


Fundraising activities include:

    • Operation of a snack bar at various county activities at the Park
    • Co-ordination of an annual Carnival at the Park
    • Operation of a snack bar and various raffles at Movie Nights held at the Park

Funds raised by the Friends of the Park go directly back to support recreational activities at the Park.

The LLAPA Board of Directors overseas the support of activities at the Park by approving various expenditures of the funds collected with a majority vote of the Directors and has supported the following activities and programs with funds raised:

    • Sparklers Cheer Program - assistance with purchase of uniforms and music
    • Crocheting with a Cause - assistance with purchase of crocheting supplies
    • Senior programs at the park - assistance with the purchase of supplies for raffles
    • Trunk or Treat - supplies Trunkers with candy to hand out to the community during the Fall Festival
    • and MANY OTHERS


by Shirley Harriman

Why I think volunteering is awesome, especially at the Park. Who will add a few reasons of their own to this abbreviated list?

• Enjoy being part of a team with the same goals and aspirations as yourself.

• Working shoulder to shoulder with your neighbors to build a better park experience pays long-term dividends for LLA.

• Volunteering allows you to experience different environments and situations.

• Form a bond between yourself and other LLAkers

• Spread kindness in the world right here at home … think globally, act locally … my FAV

• Some seek attention. Others seek rewards of a different type - the reward of helping our community thrive.

• Volunteers help reduce costs of providing programs at the Park the benefit the entire community

• Volunteering allows you to experience different environments and situations … it’s a personal growth opportunity outside of school and work

• Volunteering brings out new interests, hobbies, and opinions

• Building relationships with people is crucial at all ages

• Networking is an amazing benefit of volunteering; gaining new experiences and creating new connections.

• Gives you a sense of accomplishment that is all yours to savor

So, get out there and get involved! Start having fun.