Lake Los Angeles Park Association is also actively seeking and applying for Grants to further it's mission and to expand the events and activities at the Park.

Grant Applications Currently In Process

Buttes Park of Lake Los Angeles Proposal

LLAPA learned so much at the Parks Summit that we feel brave enough to work to submit a Prop 68 grant for funding a new park for Study Area 17 in Lake Los Angeles . In using the tools that are part of the preliminary work in the grant application, we have identified property located on 150th East and Avenue O which is currently on the market and appears to be within the guidelines for a funding request. We are planning on seeking the maximum grant limit for funds of $8.5 million to build a new park that could become the future site of a new Aquatic Center. The deadline for this round of applications for submission is August 1.

Our name for the future park and for this project is Buttes Park of Lake Los Angeles as from the land Lovejoy, Alpine, Rocky, Piute, and Saddleback Buttes can be clearly viewed.

LLAPA requests the community to assist us with this effort

We will also be working closely with Los Angeles County Department of Parks and Recreation as County would be the lead in using the grant funds to purchase and develop the land.

Spread the Word -

    • Assist us with translating this message to non-English speakers
    • Follow our FB Page and share this information with your FB friends
    • Call up your friends and talk about the possibilities for a new park and what you would like to see at a new park in Lake Los Angeles at the 150th Street Location
    • Come to our Park Meetings - next meeting is June 11th at 7pm, we will have a community comment period where you can let us know what your thoughts are
    • Come to the Park Planning Meeting on June 29th, at 1pm at the Park where we will be working on the Grant Application in detail
    • Come to the our Park Meeting on July 9th at 7pm at the Park where we will be discussing this Butes Park Proposal in detail

Lake Los Angeles Park Association is currently in the process of applying for a grant with First 5 LA and more specifically with the Best Start Partnership programs in Palmdale and Lancaster.

LLAPA is applying for there funds to expand the offerings at Park events to focus on the priorities of the First 5 Program which are:

  • Strong Families
  • Engaged Communities
  • Quality Early Learning
  • Integrated Health

For more information visit: first 5 la

Final for publication: Lovejoy Springs wetlands, Deputy Stephen Sorensen County Park , Lake Los Angeles

Current Approved and Active Grants

Lake Los Angeles Park Association has been approved for and is actively utilizing a Google Ad Grant for advertising and promotion of events and activities at the Park:

"Google Ad Grants is a donation program that distributes free in-kind advertising to select 501(c)(3)nonprofit organizations. As of 2018, qualifying non-profit organizations are eligible to receive up to $10,000 per month in in-kind advertising within the AdWords search engine marketing platform. " Wikipedia

Lake Los Angeles Park Association has been accepted as a n approved non-profit in TechSoup's Technology Program, LLAPA utilizes this program to receive discounted technology including hardware and software such as QuickBoooks .

"Social good needs great technology. At TechSoup, we provide the connections, expertise, and resources to unlock the power of tech for social good. " TechSoup - What We Do