Lake Los Angeles Park Association

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Lake Los Angeles Park Association (LLAPA)

Mission Statement:

To represent the community of Lake Los Angeles

in its park and recreational needs.

and to support

The Los Angeles County

Deputy Stephen Sorensen Park

Our Motto:

To build for the future,

parks that will serve our community,

bringing together all people.

We support:

The Los Angeles County

Deputy Stephen Sorensen Park

located at

16801 East Avenue P, Lake Los Angeles, CA 93591

CLOSED for the Season - Reason: Freezin!

The Splash Pad is closed for the winter. FYI: The Gymnasium is closed on Sundays. Saturday the hours are 10 am -4 pm. We will try to update these hours as they change.

Next to happen will be Winter Basketball League tournaments. Sorensen will host two of the games and watching is a lot of fun. From the youngest learning to the seasoned teenagers. We have a snack bar in the lobby of the gymnasium. The food is inexpensive- we haven’t raised our prices in 16 years. Most items are $1.00 or less.

On March 15, 16 and 17 Friends of the Park will sponsor the Carnival featuring Schoeppner Shows. . We will have our snack bar for the carnival. The rides cost money- but having them come out here is a treat!

Then Easter Egg Hunt, the Color Run, Cinco de Mayo - get ready for another terrific year.

Call the park at 661-264-1249 and talk to a recreational leader for additional program information.

The Splash Pad is closed for the Winter Season.

We look forward to the opening of the Splash Pad in 2019 when the weather is warmer!

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Los Angeles County Deputy Sorensen Park is your park, Lake Los Angeles!

You helped to build it and you help to keep it running beautifully!

Need to know about community park events or activities?

We recommend calling the community park at (661) 264-1249 before you go.

Our page was created and is maintained by the Board of Directors of the Lake Los Angeles Park Association (LLAPA). We are NOT LA County Parks and Recreation - the park staff are.

Vendor Applications for the Spring Break Carnival are now open - Vendor Application for Carnival


Please NOTE: Every effort is made by the LLAPA Board of Directors to keep the calendar up to date with the following events :

  • Programs that are held by LA County Department of Parks and Recreation at the Community Park. Please call the Recreational Leader at the park for additional details at (661) 264-1249
  • General Meetings of the LLAPA and LLAPA Business Meetings

Deputy Stephen Sorensen Park Hours
February Gym Schedule.pdf

When are LLAPA Board Meetings?

The LLAPA Board regularly meets on the second Tuesday of the month at 7:00 PM. in the Community Room of the Lake Los Angeles Community Gymnasium in Sorensen Park. A business meeting to discuss agendas, planning, and any necessary discussions is held the Saturday that occurs 2 weeks before the regular meeting at 1:00 PM.Business meetings are held in the Computer Room of the Lake Los Angeles Community Gymnasium in Sorensen Park.

In July and December the Tuesday evening monthly meeting is shortened for a a pot luck gathering of the board, local leaders, partners, and volunteers. We renew our belief that the community is the reason we work to build recreational centers.

The November meeting is the election for board members. In the December meeting the board positions are chosen. The January meeting is the swearing in and seating of the new board.

2019 LLAPA General Meetings Schedule:

March 12, April 9, May 14, June 11, July 9, Aug ust 13, September 10, October 8 , Nov ember 12 and December 10.

2019 LLAPA Business Meetings Schedule:

March 2, March 30, April 27, May 4, June 1, June 29, August 3, August 31, September 28, November 2, and November 30

Click here for a link to LLAPA Board minutes and agendas -

2019 LLAPA General Meeting Speakers and Presentations Schedule



  • -Attend Park events. See Events and Activities for more details.
  • -Respect the park and those attending park events - clean up after yourself, be kind to others
  • -If you live in the LLAD 2 z45 area - consider a position on the Board of Directors . Each of the seven directors on our board serves a two-year term , and our two alternates serve a one-year term. The elections are held during the November Board Meeting
  • Attend Monthly Park Board Meetings, second Tuesday of the month at 7 pm in the Community Room at the Park, ALL meetings are open to EVERYONE, you do not need to live in LLA to help build a better park!
  • Attend Monthly Park Business Meetings - held on the Saturday 2 weeks before the monthly park meeting, at 1 pm in the Computer Room at the Park
  • Volunteer for Friends of the Park - you do NOT have to live in the LLA community, EVERYONE is welcome to volunteer!
  • Consider a donation to the LLAPA - ALL funds collected by LLAPA via donation, grants, and fundraising go BACK into the community of Lake Los Angeles to help support the programs and activities at the Park as well as to support additional recreational opportunities in Lake Los Angeles. LLAPA is a recognized 501(c)(3) charity, Currently the LLAPA is accepting donations via our FaceBook page.