Events and Activities

Deputy Stephen Sorensen Park Hours

FYI: The Gymnasium is closed on Sundays. Saturday the hours are 10 am -4 pm. We will try to update these hours as they change.

Please NOTE: Every effort is made by the LLAPA Board of Directors to keep the calendar up to date with the following events :

  • Programs that are held by LA County Department of Parks and Recreation at the Community Park. Please call the Recreational Leader at the park for additional details at (661) 264-1249
  • General Meetings of the LLAPA and LLAPA Business Meetings

February Gym Schedule.pdf

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Crocheting for a Cause

If you are a senior age 60 or more join the LLA Seniors at the Park for lunch, fun and friendship.

There is no charge for the café meal.

Donations are accepted but not required.

Call by noon of the previous day to make your meal request for the following week day.

Meals are provided to seniors 60 years of age or older.