Election Committee

November 10, 2020:

3 directors seats are up for election and 2 alternates.

Lake Los Angeles Park Association- is building a wonderful community and regional park with Los Angeles County Parks and Recreation and Los Angeles County Regional Parks and Open Spaces . Who is the LLAPA? You are the LLAPA- well, if you pay the LLAD2Z45 you are - look on your tax receipt. People lately like to complain about many things. They want life to be better. They are looking for Superman or the Tooth Fairy to come in and do it for them. It is time for you to be your own Super Person.

There are many ideas going forward, and many ideas that have not been heard. When you serve as a Director, you serve a two year position.

If you want to run or not, there is a great amount of information on the LLAPA web page. You are also welcome to come to the meeting to share ideas.

For more info- https://www.lakelapark.org

2020 Election November 10 Meeting Flyer

The annual election will be held on Tuesday , November 10, 20.20 at 6:00pm via Zoom. If you live in the neighborhoods of Lake LA, check the tax papers you just got in the mail.

Sorensen Park is funded in park by the LLAD2z45. The Lake Los Angeles Park Board is elected to oversee that account. Los Angeles Public Works administers the account.

To vote for a board member or serve on the board, you need to bring a copy of your tax papers to verify your eligibility.

We are always searching for and in need of good hearted, honest, knowledgeable, friendly, peaceful people- and all sorts of combinations of the above.

Unfortunately so far, few have submitted papers of intent. If there are fewer applications than opening on the board , we will continue the meeting and welcome the members on board. If there are more applicants, we will have the election as usual.

You are welcome to come whether you are in the neighborhoods, own property , or are an interested observer. On issues rather than those related to the LLAD2Z45, you vote and help give direction to the LLAPA

Upcoming 2020 Election of Board of Directors

By Donyale Fowler


Lake Los Angeles Park Association will be holding its Annual Election for the Board of Directors on Tuesday, November 10, 2020.

For thee 2020 Annual Elections there are four Director positions that will be filled and two alternate positions. Directors serve for a term of two years and alternates serve a term of 1 year. he LLAPA is now accepting nominations for the Board of Directors. There are four director positions and two alternate positions to be filled. You may nominate yourself or someone else.

If you are interested in volunteering for a position on the Board of Directors, or if you wish to nominate a candidate, the candidate must meet either of these two requirements:

1. The candidate must own or be purchasing property within the Landscape Lighting District #2 Zone 45, within the boundary of Lake Los Angeles, prior to being sworn in as a Director at the January meeting.

2. The candidate, if renting, must have a letter from the owner authorizing the tenant permission to act in the owner’s behalf.

To submit an application, you can:

  • Fill in the electronic form presented on the LLAPA website at https://www.lakelapark.org/board-of--directors/committees/election-committee

  • Print a copy of the application and submit it at any LLAPA meeting prior to the Election

  • Print a copy of the applications and hand it to any current LLAPA Board Member

  • Print a copy and mail to: LLAPA, c/o Post Office Box 500088, Lake Los Angeles CA 93591.

  • Contact LLAPA for additional methods of submitting an application

LLAPA encourages any potential applicant to read the current ByLaws of the LLAPA as well as the proposed changes to the ByLaws found at https://www.lakelapark.org/board-of-directors/committees/by-laws-revision-committee

All interested applicants are also encouraged to attend LLAPA meeting including the the Election on Tuesday, November 10, 2019 at 6pm via Zoom. Potential applicants will be asked to make a short presentation on the date of the election to speak about the reasons that the candidate wishes to become a Director of the LLAPA. If the applicant is unable to attend the Election Meeting, please submit a statement to be read at the meeting on your behalf.