Measure A

Study Area 17 - North east portion of LA County

Study Area 35 - South of Avenue O (includes Sorensen Community Regional Park )

Measure A _17
Lake LA Park Proposed Projects for Measure A.7.0

MEASURE A History:

LA County Parks and Recreation knew that Prop A was ending and they needed to have money to continue to maintain parks and wanted to expand parks into new areas, tried to get a county measure passed. It failed. The BoS told them to go back the next year and do a better job of going out to all of the communities and between live meetings and surveys, find out what people wanted.

So they did. The worked for a year going out to the unincorporated areas, asking people to share , sending out surveys that were posted on social media and park websites.

They then put their data together and came up with a way to rank the needs that they heard and saw. They presented this proposal to the BoS, who approved the process and said that they could ask the voters to approve the measure. As part of the process of asking people what they wanted, Park management put together the most popular responses. Those responses were what you see listed in the separate Study Areas. This was presented to the voters for approval. The voters did approve ! 73% in favor and 26% against.

Now the implementation process Measure A has started, which will bring money to parks and the park planners, designers, with Los Angeles County Regional Parks coordinating what promises to be many projects, much work for local contractors that are approved to be L A County vendors, and change in the communities.

One important part is that this is not - for Lake LA . It is for different 'Study Groups". Please check the following links for maps and more information. Although an item may be on the list, it is not 'written in stone', it is not prioritized. Although, the Sorensen skate park is listed, the land has been identified and approved, there is money for matching funds to facilitate the process. We have been working towards this goal.

There will be committees who will gather and make proposals. There will be plenty of work for people who have the possibility of creating an interrelated recreational area. They will possibly create something worthy of the land: ecologically, recreationally, and socially bring together all people. What a great time to be. So some facilities may be built in Llano, some in Pearblossom, some in Lake LA. it will depend upon the ability for people to do the best for the communities.

The Needs Assessment Meetings showed that the AV is rich in recreational resources as compared to the rest of LA County Unincorporated where future planning was ignored and services are overwhelmed and under-supported. Measure A resources will try to correct that mistake. The task for the AV is to ensure we are not left to become that our future and to creatively use local funding, non-profit organizations, and the categorical funding embedded in Measure A to create the best facilities for now and for future generations