FoP Portion of LLAPA Bylaws

The specific portion of the Bylaws of the LLAPA that reference the Friends of the Park are as follows :


At anytime, the Board of Directors may decide to create a committee anddesignate a person to be chairman of that committee. Committee member shall be member of the LLAPA.

Section A :

The Friends of the Park committees shall be standing committees of the LLAPA.

1. One Friends of the Park committee shall be organized and established for each county park facility within the boundaries of Lake Los Angeles.

2. All interested members of the community may and are encouraged to serve on the Friends of the Park committees

3. The LLAPA Board of Directors shall appoint the Chairpersons of the Friends of the Park committees.

4. The Chairperson of each Friends of the Park committee may/shall appoint a support team, consisting of a Secretary, a Treasurer, a Publicity Coordinator, and any sub-committees deemed necessary by the Friends of the Park committee.

5. Members of these committees may serve without limits as to terms.

6. Each of the Friends of the Park committees shall consist of a Chairperson, Recording Secretary, Treasurer and Publicity Coordinator

7. All nominees and volunteers from the community of Lake Los Angeles shall be considered for these positions.

8. Friends of the Park chairpersons shall prepare and present monthly reports to the LLAPA Board of Directors at the monthly Board of Directors Meetings.

9. Any financial activity or contract proposed by Friends of the Park committees must be ratified by LLAPA before implementing.


To solicit volunteers to assist the paid county staff. To promote the welfare of the community and to strive for the improvement and expansion of the park and recreation services to reach more of the community.


Establish a solid foundation for Friends of the Park committee memberships with creative, dynamic individuals of integrity, and respect, to achieve organizational objectives.


The Friends of Stephen Sorensen County Park shall function under the supervision of the LLAPA. The Friends committee will assist the LLAPA and Los Angeles County Parks and Recreation in the development of the Stephen Sorensen County Park – its programs and special events. This will be accomplished through fund raising, donations, and/or grants.