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LLAPA is proud to be part of great work happening in Lake Los Angeles. We have been invited by Peggy Ronning ( one of our local leaders) to help out on a clean up. We love helping to clean up Lake LA. Will you please, come out and help?

From Peggy Ronning:

On October 26, we will be having the annual Public Lands Day trash cleanup at Saddleback Butte State Park.

In the past, during this event volunteers pick up trash in the campground, the day use area, and (the worst trash area) along the fence line on 170th Street East. But if a lot of kids plan to participate this year, my coworker Jean Rhyne could lead a Litter Getters program for them ( Litter Getters participants receive an activity folder (, and after collecting a bag of trash, they receive stickers as a prize.

Thank you!

Peggy Ronning

Museum Curator I

Antelope Valley Indian Museum

State Historic Park

Link to the AV Indian Museum

LLAPA Supports

I Heart Lake LA

Lake Los Angeles Park Association has partnered with I heart Lake LA to support their local desert clean-up efforts.

For more information please visit: I Heart Lake LA FaceBook Page

Events at Other AV Parks

Jackie Robinson Park

George Lane Park

Bring your skateboards, scooters, helmets and gear to this special event.

Wednesday, August 14th


George Lane Park

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