2023 Carnival March 25,26,27

To attend Schoeppner Shows & LLAPA Carnival is FREE. There is no entrance fee to the park. The parking is free.

However, Schoeppner Shows costs money to participate: the Carnival Games , to ride on the Amusement Rides, or play Amusement games require you to purchase either a wrist band or tickets from Schoeppner Shows Ticket Booth that is marked on the map.

Further information will be provided as planning for this event is ongoing

Highlights from 2019 Carnival

Friends from school re-united at Carnival.

Sean Barber [Bagpipes performer] and Earl McKenzie [Juggler] found each other at 2019 LLA Carnival. These gentlemen went to school together in Lake Los Angeles. ~Shirley Harriman

Here come the Boomers!

By Shirley Harriman

– Sorensen Park – During LLA’s Carnival Days 2019 music in the park will take center stage. Mark Jojola and the Boomers, a local widely-liked and followed band, will perform classic rock on Saturday, March 16 between 4:00pm and 8:00pm.

Are your dancing shoes ready? When this band plays, people cannot sit still. They have to dance! The boomers will set up on the softball field.

At PAD Friday night June 18, 2016, Mark Jojola and the Boomers were in full-on action playing everyone’s favorites. Well, boom again! The park lights suddenly went out. It was so dark! To the rescue! LASD Park Deputies provided auxiliary lighting with their cruiser spots and Shazam! the show went on! What a fun night then and what a fun night it will be again on Saturday at LLA’s Carnival Days.

Carlos Día live performance at Carnival

By Shirley Harriman

Lake Los Angeles – Sorensen Park – Lake Los Angeles’ own beloved recording artist Carlos Día will be performing Sunday, March 17 at LLA’s Carnival Days. He will treat us to 2 half-hour sets at 5:30pm and 6:30pm.

When you hear the phrase ‘suddenly burst onto the music scene’, it usually means that artist has worked for many years honing his skills and working tirelessly toward achieving his or her dreams. What is an overnight sensation? Someone who has worked for many years honing his skills and working tirelessly toward achieving his or her dreams. Case in point, Carlos Día, a resident of Lake Los Angeles for the past 15 years.

Carlos performs in Spanish and English much to the delight of all audiences. He transcends all language obstacles with his diversity. His sensational amazing music in any language will get you up on your feet. LLA is in for a musical sweet treat.

Bagpipes at Carnival!

By Shirley Harriman

Lake Los Angeles – Sorensen Park – During the Lake Los Angeles Annual Carnival, Sean Barber will be joining the music entertainment Friday evening March 15 with bagpipe music. He plans to circulate among the local student population to encourage the kids to pursue their heart’s desires be it music, drama or any other dream.

Sean played bagpipes at the September 11 memorial in 2018. He surprised and resonated with everyone at the solemn event with his bagpipe skills.

Sean is the son of Nelda and Scott Barber of Lake Los Angeles. A life-time resident of Lake Los Angeles, Sean was a student at Vista San Gabriel Elementary School, Challenger Middle School and a graduate of Littlerock High School.

Sean started playing the bagpipes for his Senior Project at Littlerock at the age of 17 years. His teacher was his Grandfather, John Massie who was a Master Piper born in Scotland.

Sean currently works for Palmdale School District while pursuing his education to become a fully credentialed teacher.

Sean has played the bagpipes for 14 years now and participates in solo bagpipe competitions. The scoring during bagpipe competitions is fiercely complicated. He is requested by several Southern California organizations to play for events. He also plays for private events such as weddings, funerals, parties, etc. Sean can be reached at 661-674-7275.

DJ Scarleth to entertain at Carnival

By Shirley Harriman

Lake Los Angeles – Sorensen Park – During 2019 Lake L A Carnival Days, Lake Los Angeles Park Association (LLAPA) Director Scarleth Hauffen-Pflieger will provide the DJ music from the softball diamond in 2 half-hour sets and then a 2-hour set. Set 1 will be at 5:00pm. Set 2 will be at 6:00pm. Set 3 will be from 7:00pm until 9:00pm.

This will be DJ Karaoke Night at Carnival Sunday, March 17. Clear your throat, practice singing your scales and come to Karaoke Night at the Park. Do a bunch of you sing together? Come on down!