Springtime Family Play Day

2019 Springtime Family Play Day Schedule

Marionettes and Egg Hunt Planned

By Shirley Harriman

Lake Los Angeles – Sorensen Park – Saturday, April 13 will see the Annual Easter Egg Hunt at the Park. This year the fun will be expanded with a Marionette Show which promises to be a fun and entertaining show for kids and adults.

According to Puppeteer Franklin Haynes, the shows he produces are both fun and education and for all age groups. He said, “For 30 years, we have strived for a balance between entertainment and education or, “edu-tainment”. We have an educational puppet workshop extension that follows the puppet show. I have 200 marionettes, and 15 different shows. I pride myself on celebrating 31 years of my craft.” This educational workshop is great for kids and adults.

Mary Hanna, President of LLAPA said, “We re-evaluated our year so we could bring more to the community at Easter time. We looked at marionettes as we are interested in more performances of plays, storytelling, music and other cultural/educational events for Lake Los Angeles. Looking at it, we found Franklin Marionettes that comes with very high-quality reviews. The Egg Hunt is fun, but it is over so quickly.

The Egg Hunt will be first in line. Then there will be a half-hour puppet show plus a half-hour workshop on how to make a puppet. The kids will go home with a book about a story related to puppetry. We want to make it into a bigger day of more fun for the kids.”

A live string puppet show? In Lake L A?

By Shirley Harriman

Lake Los Angeles – Sorensen Park – Yes, that precious and entertaining old form of poetry is still alive and active and coming to our Park in Lake Los Angeles.

As part of the Park’s Easter Egg Hunt, after there will be a marionette show and a workshop on how to make puppets. The Egg Hunt lasts for moments. Friends and the Park Board wanted more on that day for our community’s children.

Friends of L A Park and the Lake Los Angeles Park Association are bringing this “feel like a kid again” opportunity to the Park on April 13, 2019 to follow the Egg Hunt. Your kids will definitely get a kick out of watching these marionettes come to life. It’s magic. It’s excitement. It’s art. It’s poetry. And, for the adult audience who might have seen a marionette show, pure nostalgia. Sweet memories indeed.

Marionettes are known to fly, dance, sing and interact with their audiences. To take part in puppetry history and do yourself a favor, check this out!

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