Food Programs at the Park

Free Summer Lunch and Snack Program 2020

  • Three Locations in LLA - Vista San Gabriel Elementary School, LLA Library and Sorensen Park
  • Additional locations are at other LA County Parks
  • Ages 18 and under
  • Tuesday - Friday
  • Please, see flyers above for specific times at the locations
  • June 16th to August 7th
  • The kids have to be there! They have to get out of the car and grab the food!
  • They offer the food only from the times on the flyer at the different places. They can’t offer the food outside those times.

This information was updated June 19, 2020

Check back because LLAPA will update as we learn more information.

We will also be including information about how the food will be distributed as LA County Health Department provides updates for COVID 19 food distribution.

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