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Welcome to the

Sk8 P) Page

Welcome to the "Sk-eight P+Arc " Page

LLAPA is proud to bring you this page of information about the new SkatePark, or as we have stylized it Sk8 P) "sk-eight P + arc" Page.

The mini- skate park is up and operational. Be safe! Have fun!

Message from LLAPA President Mary Hanna

I have asked for a clarification for the sign that says ‘no bikes’. The sign appears to have been placed there from the Castaic Skate Park. I have seen both bikes and skaters using the mini- park safely together.

The LLAPA clearly wants all children to play safely. We have asked in every request for skateboard/ bike park that both be welcome.

In fact, for the full skate park that is in the funding stage( LA County first identifies where the money will come from- grants, various categories, etc., and then when allocated, gets a Capitol Projects number), we have requested a larger park so that bikes are not banned. Through California, many skate parks have banned bikes.

Possibly, with common sense, courtesy, respect for others, looking out for the other guy, we can show that all people are treasured. - Mary Hanna

Lake Los Angeles Park Association

The space beyond the fence that is between the mini wheel park and the Lake Los Angeles Community Gymnasium is the proposed site of the permanent wheel park.

The flowering trees around the mini wheel park are chitalpa trees. They are beautiful and drought tolerant. For more information:

These rules are posted because of the experiences at other skate parks. Good behavior should be exist whether the rules say so or not. It's sad that one or two who do not behave can make it difficult for others but that's a fact of life.

07-09-19 Community Outreach Meeting Notes