LLAD2z45 Capital Improvements motions 2018

The LLAPA board has voted its approval to use part of the LLAD2, 45 for accelerating the building of the skatepark, the Native American Interpretive Center, and the Wetlands revival as shown in the document to the left to Julian Garcia of LA County Public Works who is in charge of the account.

The motion was restated in the June 2018 meeting:


Motion: To use part of the LLAD 2, 45 “Total Available Fund Balance” for the restoration of an ecologically sound wetlands area at the Park which features and supports native plants and wildlife. This would include wetlands restoration with purchasing the dry lake area, building a Skatepark, and a Native American Interpretive Center as the approved uses of the “Total Available Fund Balance” which is estimated as $638,000 as of FY 2017-18.

Motion: Yvonne Malikowski Second: Chuck Tedeschi Yea: ALL Nay:

When the board got to go into the Gymnasium for the first time.