LLAD2z45 Capital Improvements motions 2018

The LLAPA board has voted its approval to use part of the LLAD2, 45 for accelerating the building of the skatepark, the Native American Interpretive Center, and the Wetlands revival as shown in the document to the left to Julian Garcia of LA County Public Works who is in charge of the account.

Senator Wilk office hours in Lake Los Angeles

By Shirley Harriman

Lake Los Angeles – Sorensen Park – Saturday January 19, California State Senator Wilks’ Field Representative Mrs. Donna Hill set up shop at the Park in the community room. The Senator, who represents the Twenty-First Senate District, has set up Mobile District Office Hours at various locations so residents can come to talk to his office staff about State or local policy issues and to get assistance with state agencies without making an appointment.

Mary Hanna, President of the Lake Los Angeles Park Association (LLAPA), Donyale Fowler, Vice-President and CFO and Shirley Harriman, Publicity spent two-plus hours with Mrs. Hill going over the assets, history, landscape and geography of the community.

Hanna presented Mrs. Hill with a 4-page document that had been sent to Elizabeth Hubert, Restoration and Development Supervisor of the State Wildlife Conservation Board.

The document read, in-part, “I am writing to you at the direction of the LLAPA Board of Directors regarding the grants that are available through the Wildlife Conservation Board. The grant process and application lists monies available and dedicated areas. LLAPA believes that we are a unique situation that qualifies under your guidelines.”

Hanna outlined the Vision of the Park Board, the Stewards of the resources of the Park, elected by the residents of Lake Los Angeles, as 1) Restoration of an ecologically sound wetlands area to include a pond or small lake of one to five acres at Stephen Sorensen Park, which features and supports native plants and wildlife; 2) Establish a Native American Interpretive Center and a Nature Walk at Stephen Sorensen Park; 3) Create a Sacred Burial Site for Native American remains as well as a Memorial to Native Americans at Stephen Sorensen Park.

In the document the historical background, archaeological and ecological significance, the ecological impacts and the current development projects to be funded were outlined.

Under Current Development Projects, the 4-page document states:

• Lake Los Angeles community supports bringing back a water feature at the location of the original Lovejoy Springs, which is now dry. The community has expressed interest in possibly bringing a water feature that would support natural flora and fauna and there is support for having a water feature that would allow fishing and/or swimming.

• The community has also expressed support for developing a Native American Interpretive center as well as a memorial to the Native Americans that lived at the location. Burial sites have been identified in this settlement. The Antelope Valley Indian Museum (AVIM) is located in Lake Los Angeles and representatives from the AVIM are also in the process of holding educational community meetings with LLAPA.

• There is work being done to investigate the possibility of re-interring the remains of the Native American people that were found on the site and creating a sacred burial ground that may be a place for future Native American remains to be buried in cases where the original burial site is no longer able to be accessed.

• The LLAPA Board restated support for the rejuvenation of the historical wetlands in a motion during the January 8, 2019 meeting. Motion: To use part of the LLAD 2, Zone 45 “Total Available Fund Balance” for restoration of an ecologically sound wetlands area at the Park, which would feature and support native plants and wildlife. Moved Chuck Tedeschi, second Scarleth Hauffen-Pflieger, yea – all, nay – none.

• In conjunction with support for the wetlands the LLAPA Board restated support for Native American Interpretive Center in a motion during the January 8, 2019 meeting. Motion: To ratify previous motion with changes; to use part of the LLAD 2, Zone 45 “Total Available Fund Balance” for the purpose of establishing a Native American Interpretive Center and a Nature Walk at Stephen Sorensen Park, as well as to develop recreational facilities. Moved Donyale Fowler, second Chuck Tedeschi, yea – all, nay – none.

• LLAPA had representatives from the Antelope Valley Audubon Society attend our general meeting and make presentations regarding how they might assist with the project. They have recommended identification of local birds and specifically Swainson's Hawks. We are working with Los Angeles County Wildlife Sanctuaries to identify Swainson’s Hawks in our area.

• LLAPA has been in communication with LA County Department of Parks and Recreation, which supports our vision.

• We are also working with LA County Supervisor Barger’s office, especially Field Deputy Charles Bostwick, and representatives from State Senator Wilk’s office.

Hanna explained, “This is the request for direction for state funding and a summary of the direction the LLAPA is working on for wetlands revival. The state has put funding together but has limited the geographic areas possible.

“Our area needs serious concerted demands for equal access to our tax monies. In my opinion the Wildlife Conservation Board needs to be more accessible to us.

“In summary, this is a letter to show our willingness and efforts in working together, and a request for state to come aboard.”

The next Mobile District Office Hours will be held at Jackie Robinson Park on Saturday, January 26 starting at 10:00am until 2:00pm. Jackie Robinson Park is located at 8773 East Avenue R in Littlerock. For more in formation please call 661-729-6232.

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